Comunicato congiunto di protesta dello Spirit Of Shankly (SOS) – Liverpool Supporters’ Union e del Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust contro i prezzi esorbitanti dei biglietti per la finale di Champions League e sui rincari di voli e Hotel per assistere al match di sabato 1 giugno a Madrid.

I tifosi di entrambi i club hanno registrato aumenti del +840% per i costi voli e camere a oltre 1000 sterline per notte a cui si aggiunge un prezzo del biglietto che arriva a oltre 500. 16,613 i tagliandi per ciascun club per l’Estadio Metropolitano ma solo il 20% al prezzo di 60 sterline. Il 54% a £154, 21% a £385 e il 5% a £513. Una finale per tifosi con il portafoglio pieno, e un piccolo anticipo di quello che sarà con la riforma in cantiere per la Super Champions League (qui dettagli).

Il comunicato:

“This has been a sensational European Champions League campaign for Tottenham Hotspur FC and Liverpool FC. Fans of both clubs are now looking forward to what will be a special occasion in Madrid on 1 June. But our joy at reaching the final is tempered by the prices of travel, accommodation and tickets, and by the allocation of tickets”.

“Prices of flights to Madrid and surrounding towns have rocketed by up to 840%. Hotel rooms are over £1,000 a night and we are hearing stories of room bookings being cancelled and resold at vastly inflated rates. Ticket prices of in excess of £500 are also extortionate. And there needs to be transparency from UEFA and our clubs in how tickets are priced and allocated.

“For many fans, this final is not a one-off event. It is the culmination of a journey that has seen fans spending thousands of pounds travelling to six cities in each club’s campaign, bringing the spectacle and atmosphere that is a key part of the product so prized by television.

“It is time to stop cashing in on fan loyalty. As the independent supporter organisations at both clubs we are calling for:

 – A cap on ticket pricing

– Transparency over allocation

– Consumer protection measures to stop prices being forced up exponentially and to stop practices such as repricing existing deals.

Stefano Pagnozzi