The “San Filippo” was well filled this day: 2.850 people came to see his Messina against Juve Stabia. Also 29 Ultras from Castellamare di Stabia was travelled to Messina – all they weared the same camouflage jackets. They bring two flags: “Nino Vive” and “Curva Sud”.

About 500 people in the Curva of Messina was singing for his club – while the match they had two messages on banners: “Oltre rivalità e mentalità, Lasciateci vivere le nostre passioni in libertà, mai più porte chiuse”, a message of their passion and freedom that means “Over rivalries and mentality, let us to live our passion with freedom: no more match behind closed doors”. The second one: “Messina ricorda le vittime del terromoto Irpino” (Messina remembers the victim of the earthquake in Irpinia) is in memories of earthquake in 1980 in the friendship town of Avellino. In the whole game the “Messinesi” created an enthusiastic atmosphere and supported their team continuosly. The match ended 0-0, but it had no influence to their support.